10 Reasons Why Reading Is Better Than Watching TV

Hello everyone!

So… a couple of weeks ago, I wrote about the reasons why books are better than movies. Today I’m gonna give you some reasons why reading is better than watching TV.

Of course, I’m a little biased as I love reading books! 😉

1. Reading Inspires You to Do Incredible Things

Dream, Inspire, Courage, Harmony written on stones

Books usually talk about people who do extraordinary things. People like us. People who are not too rich or too smart or too beautiful or too lucky. Just regular people who took a chance and made something incredible because they found the courage to do it. People who rose against the circumstances.

Books are trying to inspire you on every page. TV, on the other hand, doesn’t particularly try to teach you something. It just wants to keep you on a couch watching other people living fake lives.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not trying to say that TV is evil. I watch TV, too. But limiting TV time gives us more time to do something useful in our life. Something that will be beneficial in the long term. Something that could help us achieve a dream of ours.

And yes, maybe our dreams seem crazy and silly and farfetched, but it’s better to chase them and fail than failing because we were too weak to try.

2. Reading Can Increase Your Empathy

Lightbulb in a comics bubble

While reading you meet a lot of different characters. Different people. You get inside their head and hear their thoughts. And this is a great benefit when you’re trying to get into someone else’s mind and understand them. Because you have already done it.

Sometimes, I catch myself wondering why people make some decisions that I find so ridiculously stupid and I’m thinking: “Why? Why did they do it? Where is the common sense in this decision?”.

Well, this is where books come and save the day. By getting into a character’s mind, reading their thoughts, their emotions, learning about their past, you can find out what leads them to make the decisions they make.

And then, it’s when you realise that people in your life are exactly the same. They have thoughts you don’t know, emotions they don’t say and backgrounds you can’t imagine.

3. There Are A LOT Of Books Out There

Over the ages, there have been written a lot – and I mean a LOT – of books. And more and more people write and publish new books every day. If you check out how easy it’s for you to publish your book, you’ll see why.

Now, I’m not saying that all these books are worth your time but I wouldn’t say that most shows on TV are worth your time either. And as TV is mainly run by few people, they’re the ones who command the general feel of the shows. I have to say, I’m kind of disappointed lately by TV shows because I feel I watch the same stories over and over again.

And you probably feel like this too. How many times did you predict what will happen next in the storyline? If you’re anything like me, a lot!

4. Books Don’t Have A Budget Or A Time Limit

Deadline coming!!!

TV shows – as most of the movies, too – have a limited budget. Some shows, I have to admit, have an incredible budget and if the director is good, they can make wonders. But, in most cases, the budget is low and this limits how much you can do or not in a show. And, to be honest, the result is not that great.

Books, on the other hand, have no budget. They only get limited by the author’s imagination. And this is beautiful! You can find pretty much any story you can imagine. And if you can’t find it, guess what? You can write about it. All you need is a pencil and a notebook!

And now about the time limit:

Just yesterday, I was watching a deleted scene of the last episode of a favourite show and I was wondering why they cut it out – along with thousands of other people in the comments section. It was an incredible scene and so emotional! The most probable reason? The time limit. They had to deliver a 43-minute episode and that was it.

Books don’t have a time limit and this makes them powerful! When you write a story, you can end it when you feel it’s ready to be finished. And if you think that one book is not enough, great! Just start a second one! 😉

5. Reading Improves Your Writing Skills

Girl writing

By reading you can learn new expressions, better spelling and improve your writing skills. And you will definitely need good writing skills a lot in your life.

Maybe in your job, maybe because you want to write a book, a report, an essay, your thesis, to start a blog. No matter what, you will need writing skills in your life. So honing them is always a good idea.

Another way to improve your writing is by keeping a journal, by the way. It also helps you reduce stress and find easier solutions to difficult situations. So if you’re interested, get on to it, if you haven’t already!

6. TV Makes You More Stupid

I’m not talking about permanent damage. I’ve seen hours and hours of TV in my life. When I was younger, I remember my brother and I were sitting from 07:00 am until 16:20 in front of the TV watching cartoons. Exactly 16:20 because the last cartoon used to start at 16:00. I still remember it so clearly! 😀

So yes, I’ve watched a lot of TV and, hopefully, I haven’t any permanent damage. 😛 BUT, I have caught myself sitting open-mouthed without thinking in front of a TV and, let me tell you something: I did not like it!

7. TV Is A Great Way To Procrastinate

I know it is because I’ve done it. 🙄

I think it’s the third best way to procrastinate after watching YouTube videos and Any possible story in a book!cleaning your house. The fourth is probably going around on the Internet and searching for “reasons why reading is better than watching TV” and other random things… Like you don’t know it already!

But yes, watching TV is just a waste of time in most cases. I’m not talking about the one show you love or the news – which I have to say, usually, they’re biased. But when you sit for hours in front of a TV, especially if you have something else to do, then it’s not fine. Because usually, this thing will have a deadline and then you’ll have to hurry to do it. Maybe it’s work, maybe it’s homework, maybe even worse, it’s to chase a dream of yours.

And I’m saying it’s the worst because in this case, you exchange something that could make you deliriously happy – if not this per se, then just the fact that you tried, even if you failed – for some hours of watching television. And there’s nothing worse than realising that you failed your dreams because you didn’t try to chase them!

8. TV is Getting Worse

TV is getting worse by the minute. I used to watch all these shows when I was younger… and I miss them so much! TV shows, cartoons, series… All day long. And I remember clearly thinking: “So when I’ll become older, won’t I have the time to do this?”.

Well, I don’t have a dilemma anymore. Because I’ve stopped watching TV. Or at least most of it. Every once in a while, I’ll find a show I like and I’ll watch it. Or maybe I’ll be with someone else and we’ll watch something they want to.

Maybe, of course, this only applies to me or I could be getting old. Who knows?

9. Eating Junk In Front Of The TV

Popcorn bowl in front of a TV

We tend to eat a lot of junk food while watching TV. We do it without paying attention; this way, though, the brain doesn’t record that we have eaten so we get hungry faster.

Well, that’s because of us mostly, of course. I shouldn’t blame TV for this. Though, you can’t eat while reading a book, because you could stain it. (At least I can’t! If you do it, feel free to tell me how!) And as it’s a plus for reading books, I’m writing about it. 😛

10. Books Don’t Have Commercials

There’s nothing more annoying when watching a show than having commercials pop up. Never mind that episodes last about 43 minutes and we have to wait for a week for the next episode. At least with a book, you hold the whole season in your hands!

But, to be fair, we usually wait some months for the next season while we wait for a year for the next book.

Drawing of a girl professor and an open book with images of nature on it

Final Thoughts

And here we are! These are the most important reasons why reading is better than watching TV. Which one makes you want to grab a book now?

If you’re searching for new stories, here is my list of reviews. And if you liked this, check out more topics about books!

So do you believe books are better than the movies? And why? Feel free to share with us if you prefer movies, too!

Any suggestion is welcome! So, if you have any topic you’d want me to write about, feel free to tell me below!

Don’t forget to have fun!


  1. Hello Jenny!
    This is a great post. It is really true that watching TV makes the brain idler, unlike reading books, which stimulates so many nerves in our brain and our imagination while reading.
    Have a great day!

    1. Yeah, you’re right about this. After reading a book I like, I have so many ideas that could turn into great stories.
      Imagination triggered! 😀
      Have a great day, as well!

      1. I can read books while eating I do too always, and my parents do not like that because when I am reading while eating I eat a lot of food. but it is so fun for me. it is just like watching tv while eating food.

  2. Actually, this helps me a lot with my debt and a lot for my life also, thank you lots for this help.

  3. I was searching for points for a debate about this topic and this is a great help for us.
    Thank you !

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