9 Reasons Why Books Are Better Than Movies

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Camera and book lying on the grassOk, let me start by saying that I don’t hate movies. In fact, I love them! I love watching movies, I love the experience of going to the cinema with friends, too! I watch a lot of movies.

But I still love reading books more so here are 9 reasons why books are better than movies.

1. Books Are More Realistic

One thing that always frustrates me to no end is the drama that goes on in movies. Usually, they’re trying to over complicate things in movies to get higher ratings. Too much drama, too many coincidences, too much of everything. But sometimes, as they say… less is more.

Lightning striking in the darkTo be honest, I do understand them. They have to get high ratings to make a lot of money. They have to cover the budget and then some. They have to get paid and the more they earn the better. And let’s not lie to ourselves. Drama sells. A lot!

No one would go watch 5 friends having a normal year. Nice job, nice boss, a great family etc. But add a mean coworker who wants to destroy you, a neighbour who makes your life a living hell and someone cheating and you have your average comedy movie.

But, you see, these things don’t happen all at the same time in the same person. Sure, worse things have happened but one or two at the same time. Not all of them!

2. Technology & Budget Limit The Potential Of The Movies

Shiny robot looking at youSome things are difficult to portray on the big screen. After all, movies can be only what current technology allows them to be. Which I have to admit, it’s a lot, but it does have its limits.

Budget limits the potential even more. Especially if we’re talking about fantasy and science-fiction movies, they take time for shooting and adding special effects, money and a lot of expertise for all this to have even a decent result. So, most times we end up with a mediocre movie to see.

3. Tick Tock

Books don’t have to get limited to 2-hour blocks. HourglassMaybe a story needs less than two hours to be told, maybe more. But it’s a little difficult to need exactly two hours. Like Procrustes’ bed. You have to push and pull to make it fit and that is very unpleasant.

If we’re talking for a movie that is a book adaptation? Then, it’s almost impossible to have a nice result. So they have to cut scenes from the book or to put more scenes so we can have a 2-hour movie to watch. As I said, unpleasant.

It gets better when the screenplay isn’t based on a book, but still, I can see the time limitation affecting the story. I’ve seen rom-coms dragging on for more than they should and fantasy movies whose plot you can barely understand because there is not enough time to explain.

This is not an issue for a book. Adding a few more pages to help your readers understand your story better is welcome. More than welcome.

4. You Can’t See Thoughts

Lamp in a bubble on a blackboard indicating thinking

I’ve seen plenty of movies. Still, I’ve seen very few that are better than the book that was based on. This applies to all, but I mention the ones that are based on a book as I can compare them more easily.

In a book, you can read what people think at any moment. Or at least, what the author wants you to know.

In a movie, you can’t really know what the characters think. Sometimes, you can know what they feel if the actors are good enough to show it but almost never what they think.

And this is critical, especially, at important parts of the movie. A character will do or not do something and we will never know all the thoughts that drove them to take this decision. Sad and frustrating!

5. How Far Can Your Imagination Go?

Probably farther than your sight!Fantasy land: Someone walking to a huge window. Behind the window the sun rises.

Books excite your imagination. You can imagine the characters how you want them to be. Sure, the books describe them to a certain extent, but after that, you can leave your imagination go wild…

If you’re a book lover, you know what I mean. If you’re not, trust me when I say it’s a wonderful thing to be able to imagine the heroines or heroes any way you want them to be. Just imagine your perfect hero or heroine and… you have them!

Books can open your mind in ways you can’t imagine. Creative thinking is one of them.

6. Better Character Development

DevelopmentBooks give a decent or a lot of background information. At least, the necessary info to understand the characters’ motives and what lead them to behave they do. Well… at least the good books. There’s nothing I hate more than being left with why questions.

Actually, that’s the second thing I hate. First being my hero getting killed!

7. Books Are Portable

You can read a book anywhere, but watching a movie on your laptop is not the same as watching it on a TV or a cinema. And I don’t think you’d like to carry your TV on vacation!

A hand carries books.You have to worry about battery, space and you have to be careful with your laptop. It’s not easy to get it with you while travelling. You have to be careful to not leave it unattended for fear of theft. With books, you don’t have these worries!

Moreover, when I have to be a lot of time on my phone, especially when using my headphones, I get headaches. With laptop rarely happens. If anyone knows why, feel free to answer below! I’ve always been curious about that. 😆 Maybe because I use the headphones most with my mobile and not the laptop?

8. Books Don’t Have Commercials

I don’t know why but I really hate when I see a movie advertising a product. Usually, it’s for a minute or so. But still, I find it horrible! I paid already for the movie. Don’t try to get money from advertising, too!

9. Books Don’t Need Batteries

A phone low on battery is chargingI’m pretty sure you have found your phone some time running out of battery. It’s bad especially if you have to wait on a queue or have a long travel ahead and want to listen to something or watch or read something to pass the time. But if you’re reading a new story that you don’t know how it continues on? So FRUSTRATING!

Final Thoughts

So these are some reasons I believe books are better than movies. Feel free to agree or disagree with me below!

For more topics about books and reading, check my list! You may want to check out my book reviews, too. Maybe you’ll find something you wanna read!

Any suggestion is welcome! So, if you have any topic you’d want me to write about, feel free to tell me below!

Don’t forget to have fun!


  1. Exactly what I am thinking!

    Most often, the movies need to pack everything they need to express and perform in the two-hour block and most likely to end up with a different storyline from the book!

    But I personally prefer the fact that you can’t see thoughts in movies. It’s interesting to look at the expressions of the actors!

    1. It is interesting, but unfortunately, most actors are not good enough. But you’re right. When I see actors that are good, it’s really captivating to see a story live!

  2. I agree completely.
    I always make sure to read a book prior to watching the movies. It allows me to get all of the information in and fully comprehend what is happening. The movies, then, can just add visual interest and funny side notes. Mainly on what they leave out.

    1. You’re right about this.
      The movies do add visual interest and I have to say that every time I see the movie before reading the book, I keep imagining the actors as the heroes.
      But if I read the book first and then watch the movie and it’s not good, I really really hate it!

  3. I think I would have to agree with you on this. Even though the internet has made me stop reading books. Even when I search online for information, I would rather get video results rather than text results. I guess I have been taken up by the streaming generation. I used to collect books and read them growing up. However, in the last 10 years, I don’t think I have read a single novel. It’s quite a shame really. But I am going to get back into books. For the reasons you nicely stated and also one I can think of not covered in your article – the damage that computer / TV screens do to our eyes and brains. There is a lot of literature on this. Also, books can be kept and even if there is no electricity or internet even, you can still read a book!

    1. 10 years without reading a novel! I feel so sorry, right now.
      Yes, you’re right about the damage. I’ll have an article on reading vs TV soon. It’s gonna be there.
      Thanks for the suggestion!

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