Best Gift for a Book Lover – Gifts for People who Love Books

Book as professorWhen was the last time you had to get a present for someone and you had no idea what to give them? I know it happens way too often to me…

A lot of people, out there, are not easy to get a present for. Well, that’s not true for book lovers! You can find below the best gifts for a book lover. So here are some options for gifts for people who love books!

Novel Journals

Usually, people who love books love writing as well. Like me, for example. 😉 Maybe it’s on my blog or in my journal, but I’ll find a way to write my thoughts somewhere somehow.

Speaking of my journal, that’s the first option I’m gonna give to you. A journal. But not any journal!

Novel Journals have a novel as the lines of the journal. How incredible is this idea? A whole book is written in little letters who form the lines of the journal. You can easily write on them!

The Wizard of Oz Novel JournalYou can’t read the book easily, it’s more for decoration so I wouldn’t recommend giving this to someone with the thought of them reading the book.

The cover is really nice and you can bend it. The quote on the cover belongs to the novel that is written inside.

I loved them when I saw them for the first time! I’m going to get every single of them in the next years. The series have tens of them, but I’ll leave you below the ones I like the most as they are the ones I have and I have written in them.

Here is the one I have now: The Wonderful Wizard of Oz (Novel Journal)

Quote on the cover: True courage is in facing danger when you are afraid

Pride and Prejudice Novel JournalHere is the one I bought as my next journal since I’m finishing my first one: Pride and Prejudice (Novel Journal)

Quote: The distance is nothing when one has a motive

I choose them mostly according to the quotes on the cover and less about the colours or the book. I’d recommend the same to you. Choose something that fits a situation the recipient is in. Maybe they want to take a long trip and they’re afraid to do so. Then, probably the second is the most appropriate. 😀

As I said there are a lot more, so feel free to check more of them!

Writing a journal is a great thing to do. If your friend keeps a journal, they’re gonna love your gift!

For more journals, check my suggestions!


As any true book lover will say, we really love bookmarks. They allow us to know where we have left the story without having to fold the page of the book, which I hate, to be honest.

A lot of them come with a beautiful design on them, maybe a quote from a book or some inspirational words.

Here are some:

Vintage Style Bookmarks

Vintage Style Bookmarks

Vintage Style Bookmarks

Harry Potter themed

I wasn’t going to have themed gifts, but I saw them and I liked them too much to resist. 😉

Harry Potter Crest Bookmark Collection

Harry Potter Crest Bookmark Collection

They are sold separately as well. So feel free to choose your Hogwarts house!

If you don’t know which it is, here is the official sorting quiz by J.K. Rowling.

Harry Potter Gryffindor Bookmark
Harry Potter Hufflepuff Bookmark
Harry Potter Ravenclaw Bookmark
Harry Potter Slytherin Bookmark

I’m Slytherin, btw! 😈


When I started looking for other gifts, I couldn’t imagine that I’d recommend a bookshelf as a gift, but this little bookshelf looks very nice so I added this, too!

Black Metal Female Superwoman Floating Bookshelf

Black Metal Female Superwoman Floating Bookshelf

Doesn’t it look amazing?


Well, isn’t that the obvious gift? If someone loves books, they’re gonna appreciate pretty much any book but even more so if it’s something they’re interested in. Check some of my book reviews if you want to find some ideas.

If you’re a close friend with the recipient of the gift, take a look at their library or the books that probably have left around the house for some ideas on what they would like!

Gift card

If everything else fails, there’s always the old good Gift Card. Well, not that old, but a good option. Especially for someone you don’t know that well.

But I have to say, it is a little cold to give them a Gift Card. Some people could be like: “Seriously? Couldn’t he/she spend a little time to think about my gift?”. Others could appreciate the fact that you want to give them the choice of their gift. Especially if they’re trying to save money for something they want to buy.

There are gift cards in many shapes. Some that I found interesting is these:

Gift card as a Bookmark

Gift card as a Bookmark

Not only you give them a way to buy something but they also get to keep the bookmark. It’s a win-win situation!

There are a lot of designs so check all out before you get one.

Gift card as a Greeting card

Gift card as a greeting cardWith a greeting card, you can also write your wishes on it and give them the gift card as well. They have different designs as well for different celebrations. Check them out all so you can get the best one for your friend!

Final Thoughts

So here are some of the best gifts you could give to someone who loves books. I’d love to hear some more suggestions from you, too! If I think of any more good gifts, I’ll make another list with the rest of them. (I’ll leave the link here if/when I do it).

I hope I helped you! Well, at least, now you have some more ideas!

Have a nice day! And as always…

Don’t forget to have fun!


  1. Hi there,
    now I have to have some of those Harry Potter bookmarks, they are so cool! Thanks for pointing out these journals, I had no idea that there was a Wizard of Oz one out there – they will make the perfect gift!

    Time to go shopping!



  2. Jenny, thank you for this post. It has given me so many ideas. Although I do not know any of my friends like to read, I know I do and I enjoy audiobooks as well. Now, with this, I know how to decorate my library when I get my house altogether.
    Thank you.

  3. Hey really good ideas here!

    Did you happen to find any novel journal in anything other than English? I have a friend that you could use one for her birthday soon 😉

    And yeah, thanks for the awesome Harry Potter bookmarks, my wife wants one now… Slytherins…

    Have a great day! 🙂

    1. Hey! I’m Slytherin, too!

      No, unfortunately not. But, to be honest, I prefer it this way. I like the quotes in the language they were written in. I think they sound better. I usually prefer books this way, too, by the way. Except if I don’t speak the original language. 😉 

  4. Those Harry Potter bookmarks look tempting. My wife is a big fan of the series and has nearly all the HP books. I don’t want to sound entitled but I wish Rowling would do more, like prequels or spin offs, since she’s got the main story wrapped up and done for.

    Thanks for these gift ideas!

    1. Well, there are “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” and “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child”. Check them out!

  5. Holy, now I know what to get for my friend who is a Harry Potter fan (but doesn’t really like to read other books) – Harry Potter houses bookmarks!

    (Let’s just hope they’ll encourage my friends to read more, although I think it won’t.)

    The other gifts that you suggest are simply amazing too! In fact, as a person who love to read novels, I actually want to get The Wizard of Oz journal to remind me of the quote: True courage is not doing what others expect you to do or what you think you can do, but doing what you are afraid of doing (even if there are alternative routes to complete it), and failure or success doesn’t matter – the try is the the most important factor.

    Thank you for compiling such a wonderful list of gifts (for my friend and myself)!

  6. Hi Jenny,

    Wow, Novel Journals! That’s a new concept to me. What a great idea for the book lover. As you say, it’s much easier to pick a gift for a reader because you already know their interest!

    And the bookmarks – absolutely beautiful! Your post shows that if you just expand your thinking a bit you can come up with all kinds of gift ideas.

    I hate to say it, but I have gone the gift card route many times. Some may call it lazy but I figure they can get exactly what they want this way.

    Thank you for your post!

    1. You’re welcome! 😀  

      The gift card is perfectly fine if you don’t know something they’d like. At least, they’re gonna get something useful to them! Way better than getting something and leave it in a drawer from the next couple of years.

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