City of Bones Book Review – The Mortal Instruments Book 1

So this is my City of Bones book review. It’s the first of a six-book series: The Mortal Instruments.

The story starts with Clary and Simon going to a club. Clary is 15, well, almost 16 and she loves art. Simon is 16, has a band with some of his friends which could have a chance of success if only they could find a name and stick to it.

They go into the club, trying to have fun, at least Clary tries. Simon is not so much in this kind of music. Anyway, Clary sees a beautiful girl who attracts the attention of a cute blue-haired boy. They go to another room, but there are two other guys following them threateningly, one of them even has a knife. Clary sends Simon to get help, but she can’t stay away, she has to help. She goes near and she hears them talking about strange things. Demons? Monsters? What the hell?

And then the guy with the knife, Jace, tries to kill the blue-haired boy. City of Bones book Without even thinking about it, she tries to stop him. But the boy isn’t so innocent after all. He attacks them, too. Clary watches them fight and suddenly there’s something weird with the boy. His hands are not what they are supposed to be. They are able to take him down but when Simon comes with the security, they can’t see anyone but Clary.

Next day Simon and Clary go to a coffee shop near Clary’s house. Clary sees Jace again there and she goes after him. She has a ton of questions and she wants them answered.

So he tells her. He tells her about the shadow world. He’s a Shadowhunter, someone who kills demons. Soulless monsters, parasites who crave the energy of anything living. The legend is that, many centuries ago, when demons started to come to our planet, a warlock summoned the angel Raziel. The angel mixed some of his blood with the blood of men in a cup. Those who drank from it became Shadowhunters. As did their descendants.

There are also the Downworlders who are part-demon. Vampires, Werewolves, Warlocks, Faeries. For years they were enemies and now after the Accords, they strive to find balance. Still, it’s not easy to delete hostility that lasted for centuries in a few years.

And then Clary’s mom, Jocelyn, calls her. She sounds frantic, tells her not to come home. From the phone, Clary hears strange, dangerous-sounding noises. Jocelyn tells her she loves her and then the phone goes dead. And in her hurry, Clary drops it.

Terrified, Clary grabs what she thinks is Jace’s phone and runs home. On the way, she calls her mom but she doesn’t pick up. Her place is trashed and her mom isn’t there. But the house isn’t empty. There is an ugly creature waiting for her. It attacks her and tries to kill her. She tries to get away but she can’t. The creature comes closer and she hits it with the device she got from Jace. The device is going into the creature’s mouth and kills it. But not before it attacks her one last time and makes her lose her senses.

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Jace comes and gets her out of the house. She has gotten poisoned by the demon and loses her senses. After 3 days, she wakes up in the Institute, Jace’s home and Shadowhunters’ house in New York. She meets officially the girl and the other boy from the first night, Isabelle and Alec. Jace is also here with Hodge, their tutor. Slowly Clary learns who and what she really is. Trying to save her mother and protect the world they will have to fight against vampires, werewolves, friends, enemies. But how easy will it be when they will have to fight the truth?

Favourite characters

I have to say I really like a lot of characters in this book. In some way, they all have parts that I have or I’d like to have in me. Clary’s bravery, Jace’s kind of carelessness, the way he thinks he can do anything he wants, Alec’s sense of responsibility – if you have it, you know how difficult it is to feel responsible for everything and how this takes its toll on you- Isabelle’s fierceness and hidden vulnerability.

They ‘re all calling to a different part on you. They are all different characters that you can find anywhere. They are real and they feel real, they are people whom you meet. Maybe a friend, maybe a coworker or a loved one. Well, except the demon slayer part, right? Right?

Why I love this book

  • Jace’s sarcasm: I just have to put this first. Every time I read this book, I have the same reaction. I’ll laugh a little but think that, if I was the one who talked to him, I ‘d have the urge to smack him.
  • Great team: All of them are different, so they make a great team. And no matter how much they disagree, in the bottom line, they ‘re family and care deeply for each other.

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Random thoughts

This book series is definitely in my top 3 fantasy romance book series. If you like this genre, you ‘re gonna love this story.

For more Fantasy Romance novels, check my list!

If you ‘ve already read this, I ‘d like to know how you liked it. If you haven’t and you have questions, ask me and I’ll answer.

Please before any major spoiler, write SPOILER ALERT. We don’t want to destroy it for others!

Have fun!!!


  1. After reading your review, this is definitely on my list of must reads..and a series too (be still my heart). I really like this type of book. Not good with naming genres–I would say sci-fi.

    I’ll get back with you after I finish the first one.


  2. Awesome review. Maybe I’ll give this book a try, but I’m not a big fan of series. I can’t really go into a book that has five or six others after it. It’s just personal taste.

    After three or four books, drama starts to die and plots are repeated in many series I’ve read. So I do wonder, have you read the whole series and is it worth going into the whole thing instead of just the first few? I’d like to know if there are any plot points that are repeated. Thanks.

    1. Yes, I’ve read all of them. And I know what you mean about the long series. I loved the whole series. 

      Something else: It’s actually like two trilogies. It’s the same characters but the author wanted a trilogy and then she was thinking to release one more book to explain some things. But she actually realised she had more things to write and this became the second trilogy. 

      So you can read the first three books and have a proper ending. If you find out you don’t like them, just don’t read the rest. 😉

  3. Thanks for the review, my girlfriend has the entire series and always talks about how good they are, I’m more of a movie kind of guy, but this first book sounds like something I would be into.
    The characters seem pretty easy to relate to, and I am heavily into stories with supernatural characters, so maybe I’ll give the book a little skim. 🙂

  4. Hi Jenny, Thanks for recommending this book. No seriously, you made me want to pick the book up and give it a go. The plot reminded me of the Twilight series. Do you think that was the author’s intent? Is this genre really popular still?
    Do you think this book series is good enough to make a movie out of it? Can’t wait until the next book.

    1. Yes, the genre is still popular and there is a movie, indeed! Still, I believe the books are better! 😀

      It is the same genre as Twilight, so that’s why it reminds you of it, but, personally, I like The Mortal Instruments more. 

      The book series has been completed. It consists of 6 books.

      Have a nice read!

  5. I love this series it is one of my favourites. I definitely agree with the Jace’s sarcasm being one of the best parts of the book and the team is amazing. To any wanted to read this series, it is so recommended if you love fantasy and demon slaying. Have fun reading!

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