Modern Pride & Prejudice Adaptations – More Stories For Elizabeth And Mr. Darcy? Yay!

Hello everyone!

These are some of my favourite modern Pride & Prejudice adaptations that I’ve read. Feel free to suggest more below!

Here is my review of Pride & Prejudice by Jane Austen if you want the original!


Prom and Prejudice

Lizzie is in high school. Playing piano

She loves playing the piano and she’s been thrilled to gain a scholarship from Longbourn Academy. The problem is that this school is not a place where scholarship students are accepted easily. But it’s the best school for her, so she ‘ll put up with anything to achieve her dream.

At least, her roommate, Jane, is nice to her. Well, Jane is nice to everyone. So when she asks her to come to a formal event their school has, she promises she’ll go, even though who knows what she’ll have to deal with? But she promised her this. After all, Jane is looking forward to seeing Charles, who has just got back from London and they were e-mailing the previous semester. And Lizzie wants to meet the guy Jane talks about.

Coffee placeAnd indeed he’s nice! Good because Jane is the sweetest person in the world. She deserves someone as good as her.

His friend, on the other side, is an obnoxious snob who left her the moment he heard she’s a scholarship student. Seriously? What, she’s contagious or something? That’s it! She’s never giving him a chance again. He’s like all the others in her school.

That’s why when he tries to know her better, she doesn’t give him the time of day, believing he just tries to find something to laugh at her. But when he asks her to prom, she’s in for a big surprise!

The Secret Diary of Lizzie Bennet

Lizzie is a grad student, in her last year, studying Mass Communications. She has this big project for Mrs. Gardiner’s class and she decides to make a video blog for it.

But talking in front of a camera for five Female looking desk with laptop, lamp, flowers and other normal stuffminutes? Boring… So she reenacts them. And she doesn’t hesitate to recruit anyone who’s around in the time of the recording to help her! Including her best friend, Charlotte, who helps her with editing.

That’s how we learn that her mother is obsessed with marrying her daughters. So when there’s a new neighbour in the area, Bing Lee, she gets excited and starts the planning for him and Jane, Lizzie’s older sister. And her mother is a master of convoluted plans. Lizzie, on the other side, does everything in her power to escape them.

My thoughts

Camera lenWhat’s incredible about this book? It’s based on the web-series: Lizzie Bennet Diaries. Lizzie Bennet Diaries is supposed to be Lizzie’s Project for the semester. How amazing is that?

I just love it! The idea is genius! It’s almost like we see the book live in the web series and we learn a few things in the book that the web series didn’t include!

I have here the first episode of the web series. Give it a chance, I’m sure you’ll love it!

Epic Fail

Juliana and Elise go to a different high school this year. Their mother is the headmistress and their father one of the Garden sprinklers spraying water over lawnteachers. Ahhh… sounds amazing, right?

This year, Juliana is a senior while Lizzie is a junior. And their new school is a little bit on the rich side. You know, a school that Hollywood stars’ children attend to and you change your clothes twice in the same school day.

The first day doesn’t go too well for Lizzie, but Juliana meets a guy she likes. Lizzie gets to know him at lunch and he does look really nice. She can’t say the same for his snob friend, Derek, though. Ok, he’s good-looking and famous. But so what? Does that give him the right to be rude?

Derek is really confusing to Elise. One minute he’s cool and friendly and the other aloof and snob. So who is the real Derek?

Pride and PopularityVase of flowers, ballet shoes and a plate with grapes

Every girl in high school is in love with Taylor Anderson. He’s good-looking, popular, athletic. With the ego to match, but seriously, who wouldn’t have a crush on him? Even Chloe had but then she found out that he’s a player… What a bummer! And she fell for his flirt! Well, not anymore!

But, when, after two years, they’re in the same class, they’re starting to get closer. And set rules don’t seem to work anymore…

My thoughts (Spoilers included!)

I really like the Halloween themed party Chloe and her friends organise every year. They choose a theme, they make invitations according to the selected theme, they have the proper decorations and of course, if you want to be in their party, you have to dress up. Otherwise, you get kicked out. (I’d love to have this kind of party, btw. It sounds incredible! I only went once to a party like this and it was great!).

Guy shooting basketball hoopSomething I don’t like in this book is the fact that Taylor didn’t tell her his feelings for so long. Why didn’t he do it? It’s not that they’re from different social classes or something. Maybe Chloe isn’t popular, but so what? Taylor’s not a snob. Not even in the beginning. So it doesn’t really make sense for him to like her but not tell her. Chloe was smitten with him, she would go out if he asked. He was what? Afraid that he would get rejected? No, he knew Chloe liked him a little. Afraid of his feelings? Maybe, I don’t know…

In any case, I enjoyed the book. I hope you do, too!

Final thoughts

So these are my favourite modern adaptations. Feel free to suggest any adaptation you’d want me to add here!

Here is my review of the original Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen if you’d like to read it!

For more Romance Novels, check my list!

If you ‘ve already read these, I ‘d like to know how you liked them. If you haven’t and you have questions, ask me and I’ll answer.

Please before any major spoiler, write SPOILER ALERT. We don’t want to destroy them for others!

Don’t forget to have fun!!!


  1. Your prom and prejudice post had me in stitches. I can tell you’re a professional writer (or should definitely be one). I am a writer too, and I can see and appreciate people’s creativity. Your words keep me engaged, wanting to continue reading until the end. Great job!

    Will you be putting up a sign-up newsletter? I don’t see one on here.

  2. I absolutely love Pride and Prejudice. I have not read any of these alternatives that you suggest. Do you know a good place to get them? Also, have any of these been made into movies?
    Thank you!

    1. Not that I know of, even though, I believe Pride and Popularity would make a great one!
      I’d love to see the party on the big screen!
      I’ve left the links for a couple of places to get them online, but you could also get them from any bookstore! 😉
      Have fun!

  3. Hi There!

    I really like your website! Especially, the idea of your ‘Food for Thought’ section.

    I think I would opt for Prom & Prejudice if I had to read one, but I’m going to check out your review of Pride & Prejudice too. I think I read it when I was in school, but it has been a long time.

    Thanks for the thoughtful review!

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