Paperback Books vs E-books – Which Team are you Rooting for?

Oh… the eternal question. Paperback books vs e-books. Honestly, I’m okay with both. Both have their uses. But I thought about writing about it so here we go!

Let’s see the pros and the cons of each one!

E-book on a tablet        VSOpen paperback book



  • It’s more realistic – you can get more easily lost in a book than in your phone or another device – never mind the distractions of an electronic device: Facebook, Twitter, e-mail, calls, Viber… I could go on for paragraphs.
  • You can lend it to a friend. There’s something very… – how can I call it – bonding, familiar, sweet?; maybe… about sharing something with friends.
  • You can write on it. Thoughts, the best scenes, etc. I don’t like doing it, but a friend of mine, who is a writer, does. I’m not sure, though, if it’s job-related or person-related. If you don’t mind, write down if you like writing on books or not. Just to see the statistics. Thanks!


  • It’s kind of heavy, especially if you carry more than one.
  • If you’re not careful, it can be destroyed. Well, that’s not very probable but it is indeed a disadvantage. Usually, e-books come with accounts so even if your device malfunctions, you don’t lose your books.



  • It’s very comfortable when you travel – you don’t have to carry paperback books with you. This way you have space for more things.
  • You can have as many as you want – if you have enough space on your memory card.
  • It’s usually cheaper because there’s no printing cost.


  • After a while, it’s tiring for your eyes – enough to give you a headache. I know I’ve had several headaches over the last years while reading e-books.
  • There’s something kinda cold in reading with an electronic device. I can’t put into words but it just doesn’t feel so well.

Scales of Justice

I don’t think that you have to choose only one of two. Each one is for a different need. If I’m travelling, maybe I’ll get a pocket version or an e-book. It depends on the mood of the day, how many things I have with me, where I’ll go, how many days I’ll stay.

And, in the end, does it really matter? It’s the same content. I’ve read and heard a lot of people to be absolute in favor of one of them. Why? This is up to each person. You weigh the pros and the cons and you decide which one you want to buy. Personally, I usually get my favourite books in paperback and the ones that I’m not sure about as an e-book. Sometimes, I’ll like particularly an e-book and I’ll buy it in paperback too!

What do you prefer?


  1. Ohhhh 100% love my kindle!! For me this isn’t even a competition! Once I found the paperwhite, there was no going back!! I love reading, but honestly, I haven’t picked up a real book in years! With the paperwhite, I can read at night without turning a light on, and disturbing my husband! It goes with me everywhere! Great discussion topic!!

  2. Hi,

    Well, I have an even opinion. In my mind, there is a time and place for both. For example, I always buy both, paperback and e-book. So when I am at home and comfortable I like to take out a paperback and smell the paper haha. However, when I am out doing business and let’s say I have to sit and wait somewhere, then, I pop out my e-book. In both cases, I enjoy it because, as you have said, it is about the content, not the format.

    All the best,

  3. This is definitely one of the eternal questions for me.
    I love physical books but I have way too many and they end up cluttering up my house. I love the look and feel of them but sometimes I think I would have so much more space if I just got rid of them. I really love my Kindle and the ebooks I can have on there. I also love the fact that I have the Kindle app on my phone so I’ve always got something to read and it’s not heavy to carry at all. The only downside of my Kindle is that you need to charge it but the battery lasts a long time so it’s not so difficult.
    You’ve really made me think now about the books I have cluttering up my life…..hmmm. Thanks! 🙂

  4. Ebooks are pretty cool, but there is something about feeling the pages in your hands! Maybe it’s just me lol

  5. Hey!

    Great article. Personally my preference is a hard copy book! It’s just something about those hard books that I love!

    If I am buying a business book or so then I don’t mind an ebook or kindle. But if it’s an illustrated book like fairy tales or comics then I go for the physical copies.

    It’s something about holding that book in your hands! and the smell of the paper and the touch and feel of the illustrations!

    I would continue with the physical books if it’s one that I really like!

    Great article!


  6. Oh, never-ever-ever an e-Book for me! I tried many times, but I always found it so cold, impractical, stressful, and honestly, kind of hipsterish (apologies if someone is offended, but that’s my opinion).

    I only value and own physical copies. I adore them. They don’t harm your eyes in any way, they’re way more comfortable, they’re beautiful, they trigger 3 of your senses instead of just one (vision-smell-touch), and plus, you can take them anywhere you like not having to worry about them getting stolen. A thief won’t even cast a second look upon a book, but a kindle or any other electronic device? Say bye-bye to the device.

    1. I agree with you in all of these! I prefer paperback books, too. But I have to say ebooks are really practical sometimes. 😀

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