Pride & Prejudice Novel Review – One of the Greatest Stories of All Time!

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This is my Pride & Prejudice novel review. This well-loved book was written by Jane Austen. Definitely one of my favourite stories. Enjoy!!!

Elizabeth Bennet lives in Longbourn, Hertfordshire with her family. Her parents and 4 sisters. Yes, 5 daughters in one family!Beautiful country house And not one brother! Unfortunately, this means that when her father dies, the house will be inherited by the closest male relative; in their case, a distant cousin, Mr. Collins.

You see now why Mrs. Bennet wants her daughters to marry, and to marry well. And she doesn’t lose the chance to remind them of this in every opportunity or make everything in her power to throw them in the path of rich, eligible suitors.

So when someone’s leasing Netherfield Park, a great estate in their neighbourhood, she gets very excited and wants her daughters to meet him as soon as possible.

They meet him for the first time in the assembly room and despite the rumours, he has only brought with him, two men and two women. His sisters, his brother-in-law and a close friend of his, Mr. Darcy.

Drawing room of a grand house of a previous centuryMr. Darcy is even richer than Bingley but his attitude is a little lacking… Or a lot. Very proud and conceited, he provokes the bad opinion of the rest. On the contrary, Bingley enjoys himself in the company of others and he earns the good opinion of everyone. He’s also particularly attracted to Jane, Elizabeth’s older sister.

Bingley, seeing Mr. Darcy just standing by himself, asks him to relax a little, start dancing and enjoy the evening. Besides, there are so many beautiful girls to dance with. Why is he standing alone in a corner? There! One of Jane’s sister is there and she looks so charming. Mr. Darcy, though, pompously answers him that she’s not tempting enough. Famous last words… Elizabeth hears him as she’s actually closer than he thought!

Some days later, Elizabeth and Charlotte are chatting about whether Jane should show more of her feelings in order to have Bingley propose to her or not. Jane likes Bingley but it is her disposition to not show her feelings openly. So should she show more or should she be careful?

Meanwhile, what Elizabeth couldn’t imagine or know is that she starts to stir feelings in someone else. Someone she doesn’t intend to attract or cares about.

In the beginning, Mr. Darcy hardly noticed her. And it’s not like he wanted to. With her crass mother, her Men riding on a carriage sisters that ridicule themselves and their family in any chance and her father not caring that his family gets humiliated, she is not what Mrs. Darcy should be. But there are things that you cannot control, you can’t put a curb on…

Caroline Bingley, Bingley’s single sister calls Jane for dinner as the men are out dining with the officers. Jane goes but she falls ill due to an elaborate plan of her mother – this woman drives me crazy!

Worried, Elizabeth decides to see how her sister is. Sadly, she finds her pretty bad. Wanting to please Jane, Bingley invites Elizabeth to stay with them while Jane is ill and Elizabeth gladly accepts.

Elizabeth helps her sister as much as she can, but during her stay at Netherfield, she makes someone else’s life a tad more difficult. Mr. Darcy tries hard to not fall victim to her charms, yet can’t but get drawn to her. So when Jane becomes well, at last, and they leave, he feels relieved.

Grand house with beautiful gardenAnd Elizabeth has her own worries. Her cousin, that will inherit her father’s estate after death, comes to visit and he shows worrying signs upon learning that her older sister, Jane, is almost engaged – as Mrs. Bennet kindly informed him. He shows a particular attention to her. And the man is a very odd creature. One minute self-important, the next humble, not smart but without knowing it. And that makes it even worse. Not a man she believes she can make happy or one that he could make her happy, while married.

But there’s someone else who draws the attention of the neighbourhood, Mr. Wickham. Young, handsome, charming and member of the regiment, he has the whole neighbourhood enchanted. Well, almost all of them.

He doesn’t seem to have good relations with Mr. Darcy. When asked, Wickham confesses to Elizabeth that he and Mr. Darcy grew up together. Wickham’s father was a good friend of Mr. Darcy’s father and that’s why the elder Mr. Darcy included him, his godson, in his will. Mr. Darcy, though, refused to give to Wickham what his father left him; so now he’s not financially secure. Poor man…

After this, Elizabeth has an even worse opinion of Mr. Darcy than the one she had before. And when she learns he persuaded Mr. Bingley to leave her sister…

And then Mr. Darcy proposes to her…

But is Mr. Darcy really as bad as it seems? And what will Elizabeth do when she finds out the truth?

Favourite character

My favourite one is Mr. Darcy. Yes, I know this book is more about Elizabeth and how she doesn’t accept the social norm in a period when it was difficult to be a woman. Not a lot of choices out there. You had to marry because that was what was expected of you.

I like Mr. Darcy more though, because he changed,  because he managed to change even though what he believed wasn’t considered that wrong those days. It was what a lot of people believed. But he saw his wrongs and tried to be better. Only if we all could do that…

Why I love this book

  • Elizabeth is a wonderfully strong, smart woman and I love reading this story from her perspective. I think she’s a great role model for every girl out there.
  • The story is set in a different time and we can see how people were different from us in some ways but so similar in others.
  • I just love stories with a happy end. Sorry if this sounds silly, but it’s true! 😀

Random thoughts (Spoilers included!)

  • I have to say I can see Mr. Darcy’s love clearly but not Elizabeth’s so much. Ok, yes, a part of it is because hers bloomed later than his. I’m pretty sure it started after she met him at Derbyshire and she met him after this, how many times? Like 5 or something?
    Ok, yes, she also reconsidered everything that happened before. But, still, I’d like to see her love growing a little more. The only scene in which it is obvious is the last one.
  • It’s depressing how little choices women had then. The only ways to be comfortable in their life were if they were born into a rich family or marry someone with money. Working was considered demeaning!
  • I don’t believe that Elizabeth was so much prejudiced. She believed Mr. Wickham’s lies because Mr.Darcy was disagreeable but Mr. Darcy’s behaviour indeed provoked it. He was too proud and high-handed in the beginning; he just saw his mistakes and changed.
  • Edit: I’m gonna leave here a trailer of my favourite -and probably the best –  TV adaptation. It’s the 1995 BBC version with Colin Firth and Jennifer Ehle. It’s consisted of 6 episodes. Enjoy!

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If you ‘ve already read this, I ‘d like to know how you liked it. If you haven’t and you have questions, ask me and I’ll answer.

Please before any major spoiler, write SPOILER ALERT. We don’t want to destroy it for others!

Don’t forget to have fun!!!


  1. This book review of pride and prejudice is evoking those amazing feelings I had when I used to read love novels.
    I was captured by Elizabeth’s great and strong character and this alone will make me want to check the book out.
    Such a great review thanks.

  2. Great book. I read this once with my daughter and it has some really great life lessons to give to people.

  3. Oh wow! you’ve made me want to buy the book, I have never been able to finish the movie – never really understood what was going on! Thanks to your review I will give the book a chance! It is great that times have changed, we do not have to go looking for someone to marry, or that inheritance is only given to men, by the way, I think in some countries inheritance is only given to the men!

    I love how you narrated this book! I enjoyed every minute of the review.

  4. I have to get this book!
    I love reading and as yet have not read this very famous book so it is a must do.
    Thank you, it looks so great!

  5. Hey Jenny,

    Lovely book review. Was this book made into a movie? It sounds similar to a movie I saw years ago.

    The move itself was a mixture of Hollywood and Bollywood, as a famous Bollywood actress was featured in it.

    I love your book reviews…very detailed and informative!


    1. You probably mean Bride and Prejudice. It is a good one.
      There’ve been a lot of movies based on this novel. But the best version is the 1995 version. It’s a mini-series starring Colin Firth and Jennifer Ehle.

  6. I’ve never read any of the books by Jane Austen. They always seemed so boring to me. After your review, I may actually give this book a try. Thanks for the review which made me interested in this book!

  7. I’ve only ever seen the movie; I’ve never gotten the chance to read Pride and Prejudice. Mainly because I’m not much of a reader. But, I think I’ll read this one!

    Question: Do you prefer books over movies when it comes to stories like these?

    I would love to hear back from you 🙂

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