Reading is a Passion – That’s Why You Can’t Quit!

Have you ever tried to quit reading?

I know I have and I did NOT succeed! Why?

But I’m getting ahead. Let’s start at the beginning!

The other day, I was sitting, brainstorming ideas for my next post and that came to my mind. A few years ago, I tried to stop reading. At least, reading so many booksWritten sign on floor: "Passion led us here" . I was trying to focus on my studies and I thought that reading – well, reading for pleasure – was getting on the way of my plans too much.

You see, when I get my hands on a good book or even a mediocre one, I can barely sleep before I finish it. Never mind leave it to do something else! Even if this something else may be important and urgent! And if the book is a part of a book series, that is a problem sometimes… So in order to stop postponing the “important” things in my life, I tried to read fewer books.

Well, that’s when the problem started! Every time I caught myself reading a new book – or an old favourite, I kept feeling bad. Like I was wasting my time… So, when I decided to start this blog, I felt relieved. I felt so happy that I wouldn’t have to “to quit” reading. And I realized then why it felt so good! Because reading is a PASSION.

Quitting your passion? I don’t think so!

You can’t quit a passion. I’ve done a lot of things in my life and I was okay with quitting them when I should. Prioritizing in my life and all that jazz led me to eliminate some stuff from my life. Some went for good, some I just deferred for later. Did I care? Sure. Did I care a lot? Ah, no, not really. I can barely remember most of them even though I’m trying just now.

Occasionally, I’ve wondered about the eternal question: Are we born the way we are or is the way we grew up that shapes our character? It would be really nice if we could find a way to answer this for sure. I mean, someone could find a way to travel back in time and test this theory, but until then, we can only make assumptions. To be honest, I think it’s a little of both. I think that DNA does affect our character but that the main factor of who you are is how you were raised. That’s why I believe that you can help your children learn to love reading.

Two hands shaping a heartBut I do think that some people just don’t like reading. Maybe you could do something to make them more willing to read but now they’re grown and it just not meant to be. Or maybe they just haven’t found the right book or the right person to persuade them to give it a chance.

Take my brother for example. Great kid! Well, he’s grown up now… He’s very smart, very kind, always willing to help others, always trying to make you feel better. But he really is NOT into reading. I have to say… I consider this one of my biggest failures. The fact that I couldn’t instil on him the love I have for books. (If you read this, little bro, know that I’m saying this with a lot of love. Probably you’ll never read it, though! Even if you have started reading this, you’ll probably have stopped by the second paragraph… Never mind!)

Now let’s take me for example. As long as I remember myself, I was always reading something. I was with a friend the other day at the police station – she lost her student id and she had to report it. I was waiting for her in the waiting room and I was bored so I stood up and started to read the newspaper articles on the walls. Thankfully, there weren’t many people there. I think I would get some stares if there were!

Following your passion? That’s the way to go!

That’s why I’m thinking reading is a passion and actually not a bad one. You Guy on a rock on a mountain seeing the clouds below while the sun is settingcould have a passion for gambling, drinking and other addictive potentially bad things. Well, to be honest, if you get “addicted” to reading, you’ll want to spend a lot on books. But there’s always the option to go to your local library. Not only you have books to a LOT of books, not only you can ask the librarians for their opinions or their recommendations, but you can also meet a lot of people there. People who have the same or similar interests as you!

Following your passion is such a great way to live. I know, there are a lot of people who don’t think this is so essential. Honestly, I believe that either they haven’t figured out their passion yet or they had and someone made them believe that they shouldn’t follow it. So either they do believe that you shouldn’ try it because they are made so or they are just miserable and they want you to be miserable too!

And that’s my point! Not following your passion not only leaves you with a big hole in your chest but also makes you mean and miserable and grumpy to others. I understand you better than you think. I’ve been there. And it’s not such an easy thing to get out of this. But for the sake of your mental health and the overall happiness of yourself and the people around you, you should try.

That doesn’t have to be right now. People and situations don’t change from the one minute to the next. But what you can do it’s to make the first step right now. Take a break and think about what you want in your life. Do you want to spend more time with your life? Do it! Arrange 30 minutes a day to spend exclusively with them. The world is not gonna turn upside down if you go offline for 30 minutes. Wanna start your own business? Take the first step and think about potential fields you d like to have a business in. Here are some things that helped me out figure out what I want in my life!"How we live is what makes us real" written on paper

Final Thoughts

So what do you think? Is reading a passion for you? Do you believe that you haven’t found the book or the person to inspire you yet? Or you’re just a lost cause and you should be ostracized? 😆
Just kidding! 😉 There’s always hope! 🙄

Have you found your passion? What is it?

And if you haven’t, are you at least in the right direction? Or you just sit and take things as they come without trying to make them better? Don’t shoot! I’m just trying to help!

Tell me if you’d like me to write about something. Any suggestion is always welcome!

Don’t forget to have fun!


  1. Yes, I’d say reading is a passion! 🙂 Love your blog – I came across it on Google+. Soon as I saw the words ‘reading is a passion’ I knew I had to come here. Great post!

  2. Since I started developing an online business, most of my time is taken up with plenty of research which entails lots of reading and of course writing loads of content.

    Now, if you told me 2 years ago that I would be doing that, I would have laughed but since I started, I have gotten right into it and found that I am enjoying it tremendously, so I indeed have found a passion for reading and writing.

    Great article and thanks for sharing!

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