Ready Player One Novel Review – Are You Ready To Play?

Hello everyone!

This is my Ready Player One novel review. It is written by Ernest Cline.

Old arcade games2045.

Yay! For all out there who want to know, we finally managed to destroy the planet. After hard work and determination, we managed to live in stacks of houses. A dream, huh?

Energy crisis, climate change, famine, poverty; all these goodies roam around us.

Growing up like that doesn’t give you a lot of will to live.

But… everything changed a day 5 years ago…

Digital streetJames Halliday, the genius billionaire game designer died. A pity, but life goes on, right? Well, the day after his death a video went live. As it seems, Halliday made an online contest in OASIS and he will leave his fortune, 130 billion dollars, to the first one who’d win the contest.

What is Oasis? I’m glad you asked. OASIS is my heaven. It has started as a multiplayer virtual game and, in a few years, has been developed to a full reality. People go there to have fun, learn, study, make friends, relationships. People even get married without even meeting the other person.

So, Haliday created an Easter egg and put it in OASIS. There are three keys that open three secret gates. The first one who will pass the third gate is the winner.

That happened five years ago…

Five years have passed but no one could even decrypt the first clue. For a while after the announcement, everyone tried to win. Everyone hunted the egg. That’s why we were called egg hunters or, after a while, just gunters. But slowly, the craze faded out. Some believe that there is no easter egg, some that even if there is, no one will ever find it. A lot of players has abandoned the game. But not me. Because, for me, this is my only chance to get away from this life.

But let’s go back a little. Let me tell you a couple things about me.

My name is Wade Watts. My father gave me this name because he thought it sounded like a superhero name. He sounds like a cool dude, right? I’ve never met him, unfortunately. He died when I was a few months old. My mom raised me on her own. She had to work two jobs, so I pretty much grew up in OASIS. Interactive games taught me to walk, talk, read, write… Pretty much everything. It also gave me access to every book, movie, song and game ever created. It was really my oasis.

However, when I was eleven, my mother died. And I had to move to my aunt’s house. Not that she really wanted to. What she wanted was the extra food vouchers from the government. And you can imagine how many of them I was actually using… But it’s okay, I can find food on my own by selling broken electronics I fix.

Now, let’s go to my goal. The contest, known as the Hunt.

Hand on keyboard

Halliday had a fascination with 80’s, the years he passed a teenager. When the contest started, a book also went live with Halliday’s journal entries. Books, movies, games he liked etc. The book indicated that knowing Halliday’s interests would be important to find the keys.

So I studied everything I could find about the 80’s. Books, movies, series, games, computers. Anything that may have drawn his attention. His life, family, the games he liked, the music he listened to. Anything…

And suddenly, while I’m sitting at school during Latin everything becomes clear. I realise what Halliday’s first riddle means. And that is the moment everything changes. Because I am the first gunter to be on the scoreboard. The first to find the first clue.

And that is, definitely, something that IOI didn’t like. IOI, a communications company and the biggest Internet service provider, is trying to take control of OASIS. That’s why they built a whole department based on this. They hired hundreds of employees to search for the egg. If someone finds it, the IOI gets the reward. And that means the end of a free OASIS. The place I have as my heaven would be an overpriced theme park. A monthly fee to enter, ads over the place, no anonymity.

So you see why they don’t like that I, a single person finds the first clue instead of someone from their department. But I could never imagine that they would blow up my house with every resident in it. Or that they would hunt me down. Along with anyone who has a chance to win before them.

And that’s why I have to be the one to win…

Favourite character

  • Wade, Art3mis and Aech. Well, it’s my blog and my review so I have the right to choose more than one, right? Don’t answer this!
  • I don’t think I can choose only one of them. All three of them were incredible. They had difficult lives and they found a way to make them better. They weren’t perfect, but who can say they are? They made mistakes and learned from them.

Why I love this book

Light emitting

  • It’s obvious when you read the book that the author has made some serious work. From names to planets. He thought about this story a lot. He took a decade and made a game based on this.
  • He wanted to write about a decade he wanted. But he didn’t make it look like the whole world sixty years later just started to like the 80’s. People had a reason. 130 billion. Not a weak motive, huh?

Random thoughts

  • It reminded me of Sword Art Online while I started to read it. Well, I guess it has indeed some similarities.
  • I learned about the book because of the movie, but I still haven’t watched the movie!

For more Science-Fiction books, check my list.

If you ‘ve already read this, I ‘d like to know how you liked it. If you haven’t and you have questions, ask me and I’ll answer.

Please before any major spoiler, write SPOILER ALERT. We don’t want to destroy it for others!

Don’t forget to have fun!!!


  1. I have recently seen the movie of ‘ready player one’ and I really enjoyed it. I didn’t think I would as I am not a gamer and I usually don’t like futuristic sci fi movies but it was actually really good. I am interested in the book now to see if the story line differs. Often the book version of movies are much better.

    1. I indeed think it is. It has more references to old games and series, which I didn’t know, but they explained so you could get the joke.
      Thanks a lot!

  2. I loved this movie! I’m sure it didn’t compare to the book! My husband couldn’t wait for the movie to come out and was disappointed in it. Of course. He says that about every movie he sees after reading the book.

    I love reading more self-help books but I love writing fantasy type books haha. Its weird how that applies to my life. My husband is the sci fi guru. He could sit here and talk all day about books and movies from the 80s up til now. Its insane.

    1. The books are usually better than the movies because they can give us some insight into the characters’ thoughts. In this case, the difference was a big one!

  3. The book sounds great so does the movie. I haven’t read it yet or watched the movie but I will now after reading your review. I am a child of 90’s and I grew up in an era of video games so I’m naturally drawn to these titles and I must say “Ready Player One” brings back a lot of fun memories 🙂 Thanks for the review. All the best!


    1. Yes, it has a bunch of references. Thankfully, it explains them, too! And even though, I didn’t know all of them, they were explained well, so you don’t miss the fun!
      Thank you very much!

  4. Oh wow! I was so drawn in to the storyline that I hadn’t even noticed how fast I was reading and scrolling through. Sounds like an incredible story. Thank you for reviewing this. I would’ve missed out on this otherwise.

  5. I didn’t even know there was a book! I’ve seen the movie and I absolutely love it. I’m definitely putting that on my reading list!

  6. I was considering watching the movie, but now I think I will go for the book. I do enjoy video games and I really like Sword Art Online, so I believe I will have a very good time with this book!

  7. Jenny, I have read it and found it thoroughly gripping. I noticed there was a movie from the eBook itself. I just checked and the movie can be downloaded for free. Just great news so I think I will do this.

    I agree about the characters.and I would add a couple but my copy is archived so would need some time to retrieve and review it for their names.

    When I finished I looked for Ready Player Two. Well this probably won’t happen but I can live in hope!

    There you go we agree this is a great read.


    1. Actually, Ernest Cline confirmed a sequel. I’d be glad to read it, but I’m kind of worried. I think he writes it just because the film made the first book even more popular. 

      I hope the sequel is gonna be as good as the first one. Fingers crossed! 😀

      1. Unfortunately I think you might be right. Sometimes a sequel works. Often it doesn’t. And when it becomes a series the theme often becomes totally off track.

        I also find with the proliferation of eBooks the proofing can be quite appalling. I recently read a series that I really liked. OK some inaccuracies but not many. Until the 4th book. Wow, I only managed to finish it because I liked the story. The actual putting words on the page was atrocious. There is a next book and I hope this improves. I hate to give up part way through a saga!

        Ciao again

        1. I hate inaccuracies in books. I’ve been through this and I get angry.
          Couldn’t they find someone to read all the books in the series before publishing?
          But to be fair, maybe it’s hard to find all the inconsistencies in a book. They could have found already a few and just missed some.

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