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The last year was really hectic for me. And, as I was moving away from the city I was studying in, I thought that I should visit all the places I wanted to go to before I leave. One of the places I wanted to visit was a beach some miles out of the city. Open book edge and behind this the sea in daylightThere are a few boats making the trip by sea, so I decided to go this way. I love the sea, so that was a bonus! I wanted to travel with a book I wanted to read that I heard a lot about it.

I almost never do that; usually, I just go from the place A to the place B in the shortest possible route. But I wanted to relax a little, so I arranged this – as it ended up to be – beautiful day.

Starting point

The whole trip had 4 stops from beginning to end. Two on the city and other two close to the destination. I got on the boat on the second one – as I was late and didn’t have the time to go to the first one (the second was closer but I wanted to pass more time in the sea) – and I got off on the last, so I had about 40 minutes on board. I already had my book out while I was sitting before the boat started.

To be honest, between taking photos, I think I managed 20 minutes of clear, straight reading. But, hey, I love the sea, remember? And it was supposed to be a day of relaxation…:-)

Getting there

When I got there, well, it was really hot. The temperature was high and, especially, after the breeze on the boat… But the view was amazing!Beachline in daylight

I sat in one of the cafes that was next to the sea and got my book out.

Btw, the book I had with me was “The 4-hour work week”. It’s one of the books that I think that really changed my life. So, if you think you’re stuck in your life and you’d like something better, you should definitely check it out!

Not only for the great practical advice or the examples that it provides, examples from real people that have followed the advice and succeeded, but also for the mindset that you get while reading the book.

I’m not sure how well I can explain this. But if you have or will read it, you’ll know what I mean.;-)

Sea from a moving shipAnyway, back to me! Of course, I couldn’t read all of it. The book is 400 pages long. And as it actually takes from the stuck position you are to having your own business, you can’t apply all to your life at once! So for me, it was actually the first two steps – each one is 3-5 chapters – that I could start applying in my life.

And that’s mostly what I read. Well, I, being me, also flipped through the rest of it, but whatever. We all love spoilers a little bit!

Something else that I had with me was my journal, which I always commit to writing every day, but it never works. I always forget to do it until I’m so frustrated with things that happened, that I’ll blow up if I don’t get them out of me somehow.

Writing is a really great way to see your life in perspective. Not as an objective third person; I don’t think anyone can see that clearly their life. But with a more clear mind. At least, it works for me, so try it and tell me how it works for you if you’d like!

Coming back

The only bad thing that went really Water drops on tree leaveswrong was the fact that even though the weather was really nice all day long when I went back, it started to rain really bad. I was in a T-shirt and without an umbrella so I got soaking wet. But you know what? It was definitely worth it. I wouldn’t change a minute of that day!

Final Thoughts

I seriously consider doing this every month. It’s not easy; it’s a whole day off but it’s definitely worth it! Once in a while, it’s useful, energetic, rejuvenating and, in the end, necessary to actually spend a little time away focusing on yourself.

And I did start applying the book’s advice in my life. Little by little, I do believe I made my life a bit better, a little more like I ‘d want it to be. There’s still a long way to go! But it’s the journey that matters, right?

Have you done something like that? If yes, write below your experience! Don’t forget the funny, ridiculous stuff that, of course, happened and made that day unforgettable!

If not, you should! It doesn’t have to be a big trip. Just go for a couple hours in the nearest park without your phone and relax!

As always, don’t forget to have fun!

Sea on sunset


  1. Thanks, Jenny, great idea taking a day off for yourself, to read, to reflect, to sightsee a mix of everything but in a relaxed, slower pace.

    I have read the 4-hour workweek book, too, but it was some years ago so I think I’ll repeat your experience and take a walk by the ocean and re-read it.

    Thanks, it is so important to take a time out once a month, great idea! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hi Jenny!

    I really like this site. I’m hoping you’ll add a personal development section and review some self-help books. I love the self-help genre. Taking a whole day off for yourself to regroup does wonders. In fact, I took the whole day off yesterday. And now, I’m clear as a bell and can see my work differently.

    I bought the 4-hour work week book back in the mid-2000s. I never finished it, but what I read of it was very helpful. Again, great site!

  3. Hi Jenny,
    Love the idea of taking the day off and taking a book along.
    My big spoil was taking five days off to go the Hermanus FynArts Festival and wandering in and out of Art Galleries and exhibitions, taking photographs and then writing up notes for a blog I did on the whole adventure.
    A lot of it was work but it was so much fun and I met the most awesome people along the way.

    1. It sounds incredible! I love art galleries, too. I checked the FynArts festival online and it seems incredible! You’re so lucky. 🙂

  4. Hey Jenny,

    I have the Four Hour Work Week; but an old version.

    I may get the updated one though.

    I travel quiet a lot and each time I am in the big airports such as JFK or Heathrow or Delhi, I am always in the book section!

    Only thing is that with long flights I cross time zones and the airplane gets dark!..

    Earlier this year I was in taking a flight from Bangalore to the Maldives and I almost missed my flight because I was busying checking out the Duty Free book shops!!!

    Worst is that sometimes when I have good book, I drive and read! Which is dangerous!….so I started putting my books in the tray of my truck in a book trunk!

    Keeping the temptation away!


    1. Yeah, I can’t keep the temptation away no matter how much I try! 😛
      When I travel, I usually get a book before I start. Most of the times one of Agatha Christie’s books. I just love them!

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