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Vampire Academy logoSo this is my Vampire Academy book review! As it says in the title it’s about vampires, and not only. Magic is a part of the story too, so we ‘re not talking about the classical definition of a vampire. Just to be clear!

Rose and Lissa are on the run. They ‘ve been best friends their whole life. So when Lissa was in danger, they run away. But now it’s time to get back, deal with whoever wants to hurt them and try to stay alive. 


In their world, there are human, dhampirs, Moroi, Strigoi

Lissa Dragomir. Or at least how I imagine her to be! :) Moroi are vampires. The good ones. They drink blood to live, they don’t like the sun, though it doesn’t kill them and they have magic. Air, Fire, Water, Earth. Each Moroi specialized in one of the four elements during adolescence.

Strigoi are immortal and deprived of magic. And they are not born, they are made. A Moroi can become a Strigoi when killing someone while feeding. A Strigoi can turn anyone into a Strigoi with a bite.

Dhampirs are kids of Moroi and humans or Moroi and dhampirs. They are stronger than Moroi and they have sworn to protect them.

It’s a dangerous place to live out there when you’re alone. So each Moroi has a guardian, a dhampir to protect them against Strigoi. When they graduate, each dhampir, now a guardian, gets assigned to a Moroi.


Lissa and Rose have grown in St. Vladimir’s Academy. Rose is a dhampir and Lissa a Moroi, a royal one and the last of her line.


Two years ago, when strange things started to happen, they left their academy and they started to live alone. But Lissa is a royal among Moroi, so they came to take her back. Not having another choice they went back to their academy.

However, two years is a long time. Friends have become enemies and now our heroines have to figure out who is what. And all that while having hormones messing everything up. Training, relationships, friendships.

So now they have to stay in the academy. They have to catch up on everything they ‘ve missed in the last two years.

Rose is starting training again to become a guardian. Except the regular training her classmates have to do, she does extra training with Dimitri, a guardian and a trainer of the academy.

Lissa, on the other hand, she starts the lessons and she has to deal with the political plays every royalty has to deal with.

Black birdBut when strange things start to happen again and the girls can’t run away a second time, they have to figure a way to find the one behind all this and what they’re trying to accomplish.

Favourite character

That’s an easy one! Definitely Rose. She’s badass, a great warrior and a wonderful friend. Even though she’s got an attitude, deep down she’s a great girl.

She cares about her friends and she would do anything to help them, come hell or high water.

If I had to choose a second favourite, it would be Christian.

Why I love this book

  • Just Rose is enough reason to like this book!
  • There are two best friends who don’t fight over a boy! Seriously, lately, all I ever see is love triangles. No, if you are really best friends with someone, you do NOT fall in love with their boyfriend /girlfriend. I mean real love, not just want.

I’ll admit that maybe it’s going to happen once in a million. But in every book I read lately, there is something like that. Maybe I’m a little absolute about this, but I believe friendship is something very important. When I meet a friend’s – real friend btw – partner, they come with a big friendzone sign over their head.

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If you ‘ve already read this, I ‘d like to know how you liked it. If you haven’t and you have questions, ask me and I’ll answer.

Please before any major spoiler, write SPOILER ALERT. We don’t want to destroy it for others!

Don’t forget to have fun!!!



  1. I like your review of the book, and, you know, I’m thinking about writing something like that. Thanks so much for putting this out there.
    To put a finer point on your review, it was an interesting read.

  2. I read this year a few years ago after my daughter suggested it. I think it is recommended for young adults but I really enjoyed it and I’m in my 50’s. 🙂

    1. I’m glad you liked it. Honestly, I don’t believe there’s an age for certain books. I still read book series I’ve read as a kid and I remember reading books then that it was meant for older people. If you think you may like a book, read it!!!
      Have fun!!!

  3. Hi Jenny!
    Congrats on your Vampire Academy book review, it is awesome! Based on your review, how you put together the background, storyline and the favorite character, I see you are good at narrating. I have not read the book yet but from what you discussed in your review, I have already started loving this book and I hope I will have a chance to read it soon.
    Keep up the good job you are doing.

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